It is common knowledge that medical practice today is slowly turning into a money spinning business and its old glory is fading. This site is a humble attempt to promote and popularize the concept of Rational Medical Practice.

Medicine is the oldest and the most touching science of all…healing, caring, soothing, reassuring, understanding, offering hope… and of course life depends on it! Rational approach involves keen observation, skepticism, objective reasoning and analysis, introspection, learning from mistakes and not believing anything at the face value. Rationalism and Medicine are therefore inseparable… there cannot be and there should not be irrational medical practice. Every action of a doctor – from asking for tests to writing prescriptions – should be guided by this rational approach. Only then one can avoid unnecessary tests, unnecessary prescriptions…Only then the health care resources, particularly the drugs developed with dedicated efforts over the centuries, can be saved for the future…

To start with, the site has information on certain topics that are close to the heart of the webmaster. Physicians all over the globe are most welcome to contribute to this site and they may please contact the webmaster. Together let us popularize this concept of Rational Medicine… because that is the need of the hour!

About the Logo:

The logo of depicts two human beings on either sides (as though viewed from above) ‘protecting’ the Caduceus, the commonly used symbol of medical practice. This represents the intent to protect the noble profession, to save it from all irrational tendencies. The ultimate aim is to save all the health care resources that have been painstakingly developed over the centuries, but being destroyed in a matter of only a few years because of our callousness and negligence….

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